Cornwall Laser Tag Disclaimer.

By participating in Cornwall Laser Tag, you agree to the following:
• You agree to follow all safety rules in force at all times.
• You agree to wear enclosed shoes and sensible clothing at all times.
• You agree to not behave in an unruly or foolish manner that may cause
potential harm to yourself or others.
• You declare that you have not consumed any alcohol or prohibited
substances prior to play and will not during play.
• You declare that you will not smoke on site or at the venue at any point.
• You warrant that you are fully aware of all risks involved in playing
indoor laser tag and that there is a possibility of injury to one's self
and/or others. Nevertheless, as a participant you assume all risks and
release Cornwall Laser Tag and its employees from all liability for any
injury or damage sustained while participating in indoor laser tag.
• You agree to not run or engage in any physical contact while playing
laser tag.
• You understand the playing area has varying terrain and may have
some trip hazards.
No running
Running is prohibited in the laser tag arena. Running can cause players
to trip and fall, which can lead to injuries. It can also cause players to
collide with each other, which can also lead to injuries.
No physical contact
Physical contact is prohibited in the laser tag arena. Physical contact
can cause players to be injured, and it can also cause players to be
disqualified from the game.

I am physically fit and able to take the exertion involved in playing laser
tag and I am not suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems,
epilepsy, back or neck problems, or pregnant.
I have no medical condition that would prevent me from playing. (Please
make the game manager aware if you use an inhaler or any other
medical aid)
I am fully aware of the risk to myself and others involved in laser tag.
I will comply with the rules and use all equipment as instructed and not
so as to injure or hurt others.